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100 Doors
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

100 Doors

Poem By Aram Stefanian

In my dream I found myself
In a maze of a house
With 100 doors.
The key to the front door
Was missing,
And I was unwilling
To leave it unlocked.
She was waiting for me,
And told me we had to stay
There overnight indoors.
Then asked me to guard her
From a creepy creature
Who at night howled and walked.
It lived in the basement
And appeared after midnight,
Making her scared stiff.
That night a full moon was rising,
And I watched in horror her
Turning into a fiend.
She said she was in love
With that werewolf, yet
Couldn't help suffering grief.
I set the house on fire and left,
Shook up by ghostly wails
Of a flaming wind.

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Comments (2)

The entitlement awakes curiosity. The content it is like a words hurricane that take you fastly towards emotion. I like it. Congratulations.
Aram, I don't know why you posted this piece. It's just a non-compelling dream. Nothing terribly unusual about it. And you just report it without seeming to craft it in an interesting or clever way.