CT (May 25th,1995 / )

1000 Angels, A Cure

Dear Miss Bliss,
how I wish I could say the words upon this note
I've composed all the answers of perfection to the questions
to say sweet nothing's to you
but in honesty, even with the charm I may possess to swoon you
I have no clue, I'm an earnest fool
Do you know how much you mean to me
I'm really asking for I have no earthly idea how to describe it
except for these simple words
you are the thief who stole my heart at midnight
Do you know how much you mean to me
an angelic choir of 1000 angels enchanting your voice
I could ask the obvious question
but I'm so tongue tied the words won't fit
Are you aware, aware I'm cursed
cursed by memories, mistakes, great misfortune
that's placed over my head like a twisted mistletoe
Tell me, tell me
would you stay by my side all the time
when I'm grabbing my hair, ready to pull it out
Would you comfort me if you see me alone
having an episode of an asylum in my head
communicating with myself about a memory I thought I lost
What would you say right now if I said
I'm falling deeper in love with you more than I should
just please stay back, stay away
I don't want you to be drawn into this whirlwind of conflict
let it not pass onto you
the best thing to walk into my life
Dear Mister Hurry,
please put down your worry shields and hug me
place faith in me
We've come this far and I dare not turn away
I care about you more than anything, more than life
I'll take the risks, I'll take the chances
don't shut me out, nor leave me be
I'm in love with you as much as you are with me
Whatever you're going through
I'll be there with you, the cure to your curse
I'll be right beside you
picking you up, holding you close whenever you're falling apart
just promise me one thing: don't leave me alone

by Crow thepoet

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