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101 Ways To Make You Squirm (Revised)
CO (4-28-89 / Fresno)

101 Ways To Make You Squirm (Revised)

Poem By Courtney Owens

Contemplating crimes in a Technicolor dream
Every image, calculating and severe
No reservations at this perfect time
Homicidal tendencies break me out of the mold

Switchblades and cigarettes
Fidgeting in moonlight as I sit and wait
Inhale one last time
Then step into a streetlight

Move fast, assault before she screams
Struggle in my grasp, hand over mouth
Knife connects to abdomen, twenty-seven times
Before she dies, with not even one goodbye

Abandon the body, untouched
Apart from bloody hands on paling lips
Her mouth is just too perfect
Too soft to be real, as always I’m gentle

I take the greatest treasures
In my mind I did nothing wrong
Repeat it over and over again
I did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong

Her death doesn’t matter to anyone but me
I’m the only one who cherishes her
She isn’t anyone’s lover, sister, or niece
She belongs to me and only me

Walking up the street, my shoes squeaking
Running a hand through my hair
Convincing myself while the moon is still high
Planning for another sleepless night

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