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Poem By Dee Daffodil

I walked 10K yesterday..

'No way! '

I did!

'But why? '

There are times in your life,
When you need to say,
I think I can do this,
Then do away.

So, I walked 10K,
Because I could.
And near the end,
It felt real good.

Perhaps next week,
I'll jump from a plane,
Try bungee jumping,
Or eating a flame!

My point here is,
When you think you might,
Just seize the moment,
Don't wait for what's right.

Life's like that.
Sometimes your plight,
Is to just jump in,
With all your might.

Live life now!
Make the most of your life.
It's over too soon,
To be bothered with strife.

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Comments (32)

I really enjoyed your poem til the last stanza. Sometimes rhyme minimalizes your art as it did in the last line.
hmmmmmm so true......live life to the fullest...well penned
Someone once said life his not boring, because you never know what is coming next. Your poem is full of not knowing what’s next, plane, flame, bungee jumping I like it, I like it a lot.
A awe-inspiring poem, lucid and beautiful, love it.10+
Take the challenge if opportunities when come, strike while the iron is hot! Good thought, a 10 for me!
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