The flowers are in bloom
The bees are flying 'round
The rain falls from the clouds
Making puddles on the ground

The dogs are playing fetch
The kids are playing catch
The pigs are running in the pasture
And the horses are running faster

The cows are eating grass
The chickens are chasing pa
The quietness is filled with laughter
That's coming from ma

Apple pie fills the air
The leaves fly everywhere
The sun shines down
On grandpa's rocking chair

And as I look around
I realize
It's plain to see
That i'm a cowgirl
And that's exactly who I want to be!

by Kelli D. Williams

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'We owe to them to live a life of love as if we were transfused from their own blood.' Wonderful poem, I love these lines most,10+++
A fine piece- superb last line
Yes we truly owe to them a life lived in love Michael. This covers the horrors of any 'we and them' war which would unfortunately describe almost (or all) conflict. My admiration for your masterly usage of word. Fondly from Fay.
This is a truly great poem. Brilliant.
There's been enough killing, God knows. Flowers of all nations plucked and placed in grievous rows.
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