AP (05/Jan/1967 / Chennai)


This day, this night,
I’ve been in the direst straits
I have ever seen.
As the day progressed
thoughts of my duties passed away,
and all that remained was contemplation
On the message I would leave to those I loved
and who loved me in return,
when I took my leave of this place.

I cursed your name tonight,
burning, angry tears streaming down my face.
I screamed into the night
my frustration with your ways.

Why do you leave me helpless?
How can you be so unconcerned with my plight?

I look back at this day,
at all that occurred while I mused
at my own distress,
and I am humbled.
I see all the ways you comforted me
How you groaned with me,
sympathized with my pain,
sent unknowing helpers,
that I would not be utterly alone in my anguish.

What can I say now,
how can you forgive the words uttered
in a fit of helpless rage?

The answer I hear
whispered from the silence,
“Fear not my son,
You shall never be alone.
No matter the effort you put forth
In pushing me away,
I shall never leave you.”

Now I sit in stunned silence
and all I have the strength to do
is whisper my thanks into the night
as I drift to sleep,
once more at peace
For I am comforted by your love
for even the most wayward of your sons.

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Comments (6)

Wholly trusting! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
a thing which gives everything it has and just waits for a smile....wow...children are love personified...i take this into my favs
I love the thoughts you put in this very expressive write, dear poet. Unfortunately, this kind of love is very rare and hard to find.: -)
innocence love is a beautiful thing.. even though i never experience it
innocence........tainted always....so we are losers......
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