(11) - Master And Slave

Poem By James Grengs

I know now
The extent of her power.
She is truly alive.
How can this be?
I drank of her,
Never in a thousand years
Have I tasted
A nectar so sweet,
So fulfilling.
She is dry, empty.
-This I know.
Yet there is something in her
I have not felt in my heart
In a thousand years.
She loves, yet.

She is beautiful,
Even in our grisly existence.
Her hair, long and dark as shadow.
Her eyes, keen,
Though they have lost their shine.
I live now in dead flesh,
No emotion-
But I want her.

I have tasted her,
I know her,
Having drank her life.
Now I want her.

I call her,
My voice casting fear into the hearts
Of the living.
She cannot refuse my call:
I am her father in death.

She comes.
I see her before me,
Her vivid features marked
By an emotional hurt.
I know now the love she has
For our Enemy is strong.
It is her remembrance,
An impossibility.
Even I have no memory.

She speaks, her voice dead
As she is dead.
'Who is Nemesis? '

I am cunning.
A thousand year existence
Will make one so.

'He is your ending,
As I am your beginning.'

She does not understand.

'Why is Nemesis? '

'Because there will always be resistance
To the freedom we offer.'

This she understood-
'What freedom,
Our hell?
No life,
Only endless death.'

I smile at her, mirthlessly.
It is the grin of a predator.
I am that predator, lurking in the shadows,
For too long without an equal.
But she is my equal,
Or, perhaps, my better,
Though she is young,
And does not know it.

I want her, still,
But now I want her to know
What we are,
And what we can be, together.

Master and slave
-Who is who? -
Truly dead and truly alive,
Rulers of the night.

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