11 Million Gigabyte

Hungry lane,
You don't have to steal to make a living;
For the dead are already begging to return!
And like the rum and the coke on your table.

Tainted love,
Have you seen her once again in your neighbourhood? ! !
For they can't stop me from living a better life with my muse,
Because you've stolen enough from me!

On the road of love and,
On the next track;
But do not steal because of your hunger!
For the thief will be caught by the law one day.

Stay like bees and be safe and protected,
And from hand to mouth for the house cleaning exercise;
For you may be judged when being caught by the law.

11 Million Gigabyte!
For the opening track of your mind is always negative;
That is why you lack the experiences of life,
For stealing will surely lead you to hell.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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