(110) (Meera) Meera Leaves For Vrindavan

Rana recollected the past,
And a few events last,
When he always yielded
To Meera’s every demand.

“She’s this state queen
Why she had no concern
For my legitimate needs
As I’m the principal head.'

“On Vijayadasami day last,
For a festival of the state,
Though I specially invited
She had failed to attend.”

“She has kept the doors
Open now for our enemies
By inviting all sadhus
Even false spying sadhus.”

“How can a state queen
Night and day remain,
Mixing with common people
In the Krishna Temple.”

“I tried to kill her
To save our honour,
She survives always
And she never dies.”

Like this, his mind revolved
O’er odd thoughts around.
Finally he sent word to her
To sink and die in the river.

To appease Goddess Durga,
He wished to sacrifice Meera,
Before fighting with Allaludin,
Who came with a war preparation.

Meera jumped into the river.
But nothing happened to her.
Krishna told her, she was free
To go and live elsewhere.

She realized her mission,
And left for Vrindavan,
Krishna’s abode of peace
And the lovable place.

She mixed with devotees
In all the assemblies,
They loved her songs.
With her they also sang.

There she went to meet
Rupa Goswami and greet,
But he didn’t come out
From his Ashram hut.

He then sent word to her
That he couldn’t see her
As she was a woman
Not eligible to be seen.

She replied, “This is a place
For all the women gopies,
Excepting Krishna, a male
All others are only female.”

Goswami heard her plea.
He came running to see
And begged her pardon
For his shameful action.

For a pretty long time
She stayed with them
At the Holy Vrindavan
To fulfill her mission.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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