RR (13-7-31 see reverse / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

(111) (Meera) Rana Regretted

It was a hell for Rana.
He thought of Meera,
Throughout the night,
And didn’t take it light.

His imagination ran riot.
It became very difficult
For him now to accept
What he did was correct.

“Why I gave an order
For her to sink in the river,
By now, is she dead?
What harm she did? ”

“My eyes became blind.
Though you’ve been kind,
I failed to understand you
And miserably killed you.”

“It’s you who taught me
How to do Krishna Bhakti,
But I’ve been misled now
And lost my temper somehow.”

“Where can I see you again.
From me you had only pain,
But you gave me, in return,
Your love and affection.”

Like this, Rana spelt
His hidden feelings out
But it was too late
For him to regret.

Next day, her close maids
Here and there searched,
But she was not found
Anywhere in and around.

The news, like forest fire,
Spread far and near.
People cursed Rana
For ill treating Meera.

Some of his ministers
And top commanders
Resigned and went
For this cruel treatment.

Thro’ messengers he heard,
She was still not dead.
But moved to Vrindavan
To fullfil her mission.

He sent a regret letter,
Thro’ a Brahmin bearer,
Requesting her to return
From the Holy Vrindavan.

He was sleepless, he wrote,
From the time she left.
And all the people there
Were soon expecting her.

Though days passed, she sent
No reply, but remained silent.
For days, the people cried out.
Mewar looked deserted almost.

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This episode is a superb write. Rana is so well characterized. A tragic figure, really. One can feel his desperation and his bewilderment. A king with a conscience indeed. Wonderful. Always your friend, Sandra