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LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)


my heart is destroyed
what happened is unbeleiveable
this just isn't real
it's the unthinkable

finding out what happened,
was a moment i wish was gone
because of what happened,
my day was dark and long.

their car hit a tree,
they were my two friends,
they both died and went to heaven,
my heart will never fully mend.

i couldn't concentrate
i couldn't breathe
i couldn't even think
i waned to leave

the school was a mess,
i have heard stories,
this just doesn't happen,
everyone was full of worry

every night is the same,
i can't help but cry.
i just can't stop thinking about it.
I keep asking myself why?

now their desks are empty,
their lockers gone,
class isn't the same,
it's not the same song.

there is no laughter,
there's just silence,
the school is in a shock.
everyone is so tense.

but now two angles,
they have their wings,
they can watch over us,
and take care of things.

(this poem is dedicated to
Jeff Malewig and Blake Denton.
You will always be in our hearts.)

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