12 Months

Poem By Temitayo Ankra

December! ! ! The year has finaly rolled out,
I thank you January, for making February a shorter month than you were,
February for giving me a shorter route to March and for the love you share
March for taking her time to prepare me for the wet seasons and helping me understand April
April for making alot of us fools but alot more thanks for staying faithful to the Easter Holidays you have always provided
May Day! May day! for leting us a restful first day at home after several months of hard work,
June for ushering us into the warmth of the summer time and making us look forward to the second half of the year
Hmmm! July my month of sun shine and rain, you set our hopes high with your wonderful mixed feelings
August! you are practically the end of the whole months put together cause you give us us awy into the ''ember'' months and my sunshine is at its peak, tank tops and shorts are my favs
O September, just like my mother, you are the best, i start to look back at my achievements over the last two quaters and try hard to amend my mistakes
October i just love the smell of the new season, though its as constant as my father's perfume
My darling November i have finally made it all the way, i have the last minute rush to do all my shoping, gather gifts for loved ones and well wishers and say thank you to people who have been there round the year.
Year end! ! ! ! December is here, 'there is a reason for this season and 'the season is for a reason' a time to say thank you, cause i have summmed up alot of I O u's through out the whole year,
A share my time to share my gifts through support and physical gifts to the needy, and at chrismas all i hear are swet voices andchurch bells. all for the best.
Ah! here comes January again.

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