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12. Ways To End Wars

When we are thinking peaceful thoughts, our auras automatically
create peace around us which ripples out.

1 Fasting for a few hours,1 day a week, juice or water, or extended times

Organize an interfaith prayer in at draft boards, the many factories
of Lockheed world's biggest
amrsmonger, whose burning bombs were dropped from Lockheed planes onto Lebanese
babies, offices of GE, the offices of war profiteers, the homes of their executives.

Disinvest in pension funds or private investments from mutual funds of Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Vanguard, Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Charles Schwab and other war profiteer and slaughterhouse
invested funds

4 Hire message planes to fly over warmonger
fundraisers pax.protest.net

5 Have pray in vigils outside churches pastored by warmonger nominal Christians such as John Hagee,
Pat Robertson and others who promote war in the name of
the Prince of Peace

6 Jump in the water... call talk radio, .no matter what you think of the IQ of
the audience or the host

7 Boycott the sponsors of war radio and tv and of war newspapers such
as the Meyer owned Washington Post,
the Sulzberger owned New York Times
and Boston Globe, Gannett owned
USA Today, any paper promoting war.
You will be saving trees. Get news
on the web. Sponsors of warjock
radio include General Motors, Geico, Purina

8 It is up to each person's conscience whether or not he renders bombmoney taxes to the invading Caesars in Washington, Ottawa, London, Mexico City
and other governments overtaken by war profiteers.

One of many San Francisco war resisters
marched with a sign which said
'I haven't paid for a bomb in many years'

The War Resisters' League has
many resources online.

Many of them forego social security
and work under the table rather
than pay taxes which kill children
and bloat war profiteers

9 One who organizes his neighborhood block by block for peace will connect with others. The blocks will merge to become
a mighty river.

10. Visualize peace and the divinity in each unawakened
infanticide bomber. Communicate joy rather than anger.
Smile at strangers, at all.
(We write what we must learn)

11 Avoid personal attacks. Learn the art of conflict resolution.
State the position of those with different positions to their
satisfaction as a communication tool.

12 Join the thousands of cities around the world and 46 towns in US passing peace resolutions

13 Peace begins with food? Make our dinner plates nonviolent. Meat and fish are the most violent foods, fruit nuts and other plant gifts the least.
http: //fruitarians.blogspot.com

14 Make our land nonviolent. Stop the war against humans animals and plants.

15 Breathe deeply. Meditate for peace.

16 Water thirsty trees.. who will tell other trees through the roots..
Where there is no rain, plant trees. Irrigate them. Water
them daily.. If billions are planted, rain will come back to
a region through the agency of mist evaporated by the trees.

17. Create a vacuum for higher flow by recycling, giving away, throwing away
unneeded objects.

18. Circulate peace links

19. A country in which unions
are organized and not coopted
would have transit workers
refusing to take fares until
the war ended.. etc.

20 Avoid inflammatory speech. Build peacebridges with words. (poster
writes what she must learn)

21. David Krieger: Lose an argument to a loved one.

22. Those without family or other constraining influences and heroism blockade planes bound for Israel, trains with weapons for Iraq, or create other acts of civil disobedience and direct action.

23. Horseman suggests: take over the Fox News mikes or tthose of other
chickenhawk warjocks.. Others
suggesting storming the ABC initiated Rush Limbaugh show
(Pray for 500 Mexican women who took over a tv station)

24. Organize against violence in movies, television and video games.
Sony is one marketer of violent video games.

25. Acquaint militaristic members of religious groups with the nonviolence in their scriptures

26. File lawsuits against war profiteers and their government operatives.

27. Boycott unionbusters linked to war profiteers
WalMart, FedEx etc.

28. End the war on seacreatures.
Eating fishes enables Canadian seal

more coming

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