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12 Year Old Scotch(A Funny Story)

Santa walks into a bar and rudely demands a shot of 12-yr old scotch. The bartender thinks 'this guy doesn`t know the difference, ' so he pours a shot of 2-year old scotch.
Santa takes one sip and spits it out. He promptly hollers at the bartender: 'I said 12-year old scotch, you bozo! '
Still unimpressed the bartender pours some 6-year old scotch. Santa takes a sip...same reaction. But the bartender still doesn`t believe the patron knows the difference. So he pours a shot of 10-year old scotch.
Again, same reaction from Santa. Finally, the bartender is convinced. He pours a glass of 12-year-old scotch. Santa takes a sip and is most satisfied.
All the while this has been going on, a drunk at the end of the bar has been watching. He slides a shot glass down the bar to the patron and drunkedly says:
'hey mishter, tashte this! '
Santa obliges...he promptly spits it out.
'It tastes like piss, ' Santa shoots back at the drunk.
The drunk replies: 'It ish. How old am I? '

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