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120 Years

Poet Chan Mongol
August 17 of 2019

Our grand mothers had tons of poems and fictions
With sharp memories, they remembered older generations.
What to say, what to eat, etc. and health remedy
Our access is controlled by science to claim its creativity.

Furthermore, science been doing worst assassinations
Of Paleolithic and Neolithic standards and opinions!
Low standard science shows apelike human with the stone
Science has no evidence or any proper documentation.

Scientists sabotaged old true hearsay and religious stories
Mahabharata, Koran helped them for few old discoveries.
Law, literature, ethic and manner existed then, naturally
In the state of nature humans lived happily, actually.

Tell me, what good is science for a dead and to stop tears
Science never could have extended a life for 120 years.
Scientists are playing with own madness, now and then
Keep changing own IT and medicines within months, often.

Scientists couldn't invent remedy against bedbugs, mosquitoes
Their non productive elements will not get my admiration for kudos.
To live good, we had the nature and ways to do various agriculture
Without modern medicines, my grandmother lived more than 120 years.

Alas! Now our lives are in their hands and we are caged by them
Millions of years old human nature, medicines are in their brand name.
Let's not bring unborn to become preys of any scientific expedition
So, it is not wise to bring any future unborn from heaven to born!

Natural medicines are kept away from us for their jobs, experiments
Their experiments are hurting us and naming our deaths as accidents.
There are ways to lower the crisis of future mass overpopulation
Why we have to settle in the Mars and go for chemical digestion?

Scientists are ridiculous and ignoring the crisis of overpopulation
What good the science can be for the future generation?
Premature deaths are still on, labs make cholera germs and bio weapons
Let's all live surrounding the nature and take care of own generations!

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It's the big pharma that killed my father. I wish there was a way for him to live 120 yrs.