12th June 2010

I banked the table very hard twice because,
I was tired of the negative systems around me;
Oh, what kind of people are these? !

12th June 2010,
And of the dirty chains around my neck;
For these people do not understand the sense of life.

Why can't they understand me for what i am made of?
Why can't they understand me for who i am?
For i need my freedom to represent my status in this land.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (2)

yes... it is also with freedom that one can show who he really is.... nice poem!
I think u love number a lot, most of ur poems titled with number...This poem seems like good diary for u to express all, believe me it is unique...but i still wonder why u like to take numbers in all your poem titles, after read about your biography well it answer me now, u are mathematician and what a surprise is u love art/drawing too just like me...i am biologist, love painting.well keep good work friend