I feel like I’m all alone
Or like I have no one to hold
Its like a bitter winter morning
It makes my heart go all cold.
I just feel like crying
And forgetting the world
Or that I’m still living
It’s hard to stop the swirls.
I feel like throwing out all my pain
And hoping it will just go away
But its always going to do a 360
Reminding me of the words they say.
What is it that I’m feeling?
And will it ever stop?
How long will it take
For my heart to just drop.
After I cry
The pain may go
But as soon as they come back
It’s sure to show.
I know I shouldn’t care
It’s all a game for them
They are like children
Who trap me in their playpen.
I would like to get out
I would like to go free
But it’s not that easy
For I get queasy.
And some say its easy being thirteen.

by Kelly Carmicael

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Comments (2)

I can relate to this! This is good. well done :)
Nice rhyming. I like your ending; it's goes so well with the title. True,13 is not a piece of cake; nor will the years after it be. One thing that is not true, you're never alone. Cheer up! Keep up the good work!