(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

13 Colonies

The 13 colonies were the beginning
Of the beautiful country we know
Folks gathered from other places
To find a new place in which to go

It started on the eastern coast
And slowly moved to the west
Hard work and tremendous struggles
To create a land that became the best

Imagine leaving your homeland
Taking a chance you’ll find a new place
To discover and to develop from nothing
I’m sure this wasn’t planned in haste

Because they were truly heroes, I feel
With a sense of adventure and curiosity
They were extremely intellectual people
It is almost unbelievable to me

There are places displayed just for them
Those folks that pulled it all together
Through the most difficult times
In spite of all kinds of adverse weather

I think it’s a wonderful thing to honor
And share with you and with me
Beautiful places like no other
Honoring our 13 colonies!

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Comments (19)

Great rhymes there i truly loved the rhyming words and i liked the idea of and the vibe of the poem thx for the invite....
dedicated efforts of leaders then has given fruit to a beautifull place on this earth, so much that it has given birth to a famous poet, who have paid a fitting tribute.wonderfull write. surya
Yes adventurous poeple raised the world superpower country..........Good Write.....
A fitting tribute to your history.. a free spirit u are and an amazing poet
nice well thought of
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