13 Colonies

The 13 colonies were the beginning
Of the beautiful country we know
Folks gathered from other places
To find a new place in which to go

by Marilyn Lott Click to read full poem

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Great rhymes there i truly loved the rhyming words and i liked the idea of and the vibe of the poem thx for the invite....
dedicated efforts of leaders then has given fruit to a beautifull place on this earth, so much that it has given birth to a famous poet, who have paid a fitting tribute.wonderfull write. surya
Yes adventurous poeple raised the world superpower country..........Good Write.....
A fitting tribute to your history.. a free spirit u are and an amazing poet
nice well thought of
A nationalistic poem, great narration of the 13 colonies...penned well 10/10
This should have been in the classrooms of kids like me that struggled to grasp the need to know. I'm going to print this out and if by chance in the future i ever have kids I'll make sure they read something that will please the mind and at the same time teach. A wonderful write.
Hey Ma'am Mary, I truelly enjoy your Salient Lines..Cheers. Anthony Edmond John +2348020984990
and i agree! great patriotic poem, which this country needs more of...amazing how the founding citizens did what they did...10/10
i will follow your poetry because i think i will learn a lot about america. thanks marilyn.
It's seems like a nice feeling to be patriotic.. I wish i had that feeling too. Nicely described 10/10
Colonies, Freedom, Patriotism always a subject of Human Nice work
loved it this poem screams your patriotism in away but i thank you for your enthusiams i think you spell it like that but i dont know anyways nice poem i loved it
A nicely done tribute to our history. I'm glad I got to read this.
Beautiful poem and well written. Thanks for sharing
Cute! I can't wait to see your ode to the 50 states! -chuck
You outdid yourself in this poem of yours. I never had seen someone do that for the 13 colonies. WELL DONE! ! !
The story of colonization through the eyes of the colonizer. The word beauty acquires extra meaning here.
It's a shame the Indians had to pay so dearly for the colonization of their country,13 unlucky number, you have the ability to open your heart, the ability to open your mind, and search for the truth, keep on writting Osceola