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13 Going On 30

A painted face
Hides an inner fiend
That feeds on her

Devours her smile
And drinks her
Milky joy

Role-models were
A thing of the past
Now she receives
Behavior advice via text message

The chatter of
A thousands voices
Persuade fashionable mutilation
Of the most pure of all

What other course
Was she to travel?
What other choice
Was she given?
She wound up in intercourse
Of course

She often lay with
Men who have seen
A decade or more sunsets
Then she

The poison of
Drugs only encouraged
Her fiend to ravage
What’s left of her innocents

I found her fully
Possessed by what
This evil media implanted

Abandoned young child
Clean off your face
Wipe off your knees and
Stand for me be you,
Not them the child you are

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This poem has such a real feel to it, the images are vivid and clear. Good poem.
This is a great poem—a few strategically placed commas is my only recommendation. So insightful and pointedly couched, would that every young girl could read it. Read mine The Bloom of Youth. Not as acutely stated as 13 going on 30, more of a soft glove approach. Adeline