Again wit the pain
Blinded by lovee
Cant c pass the lies
Dumb for believeing that u loved me
Enough is enough
Feeling alone like always
Guilt, like its my fault
Hoe is wat u left me for
Is love for me?
Just handling this day by day
Kiss my ass nd say goodbye
Lies were all u told me
My love for u was a joke
Never trust again
Obviously i ment nothing
Pain is all i feel
Questioning me on wat love is
Regert meeting u
See how bad yyu hurt me?
Tie u down.? na never
United we once were
Verbally abused by u
Wishing u would come back
X-perienced only wit u
Your not wat i thought u were
Zipping up these emotions; ; cause now I don't care

by Naa naa

Comments (4)

This poem seems to be about teens today.Alot of teens are going through this kind of thing.
I agree with Germain, something about this poem is a keeper. I think of a memoir I read dealing with the similar topic. Keep writing!
maybe because its good.....
I don't know why, but I really like this poem.