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Blonde hair in pigtails
On the lawn doing cartwheels
Candyfloss and angel wings
She sits forlornly on the swings

Sucking on a lollypop
Slowly pulling down her top
Even at just age fourteen
She does the dirty and unclean

Coming from a broken home
Blonde hair pinned with a comb
Child abuse and bruised eyes
She sits alone in her room and cries

Dirty, violated and confused
She’s just so tired of being used
Takes a razor to her wrist
Now she no longer exists

Blood in her pigtails
Pink varnish on her nails
Prostitution and child abuse
Needle tracks and coke use

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Comments (4)

This poem seems to be about teens today.Alot of teens are going through this kind of thing.
I agree with Germain, something about this poem is a keeper. I think of a memoir I read dealing with the similar topic. Keep writing!
maybe because its good.....
I don't know why, but I really like this poem.