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Che Fece . . . Il Gran Rifiuto
JK Jaden Knight ( / Crawley)

Che Fece . . . Il Gran Rifiuto

For some people the day comes
when they have to declare the great Yes
or the great No. It's clear at once who has the Yes
ready within him; and saying it,

he goes from honor to honor, strong in his conviction.
He who refuses does not repent. Asked again,
he'd still say no. Yet that no—the right no—
drags him down all his life.

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Comments (21)

This is a relevant and meaningful poem, and I've known a number of people who have had problems like this but never found somebody like the poet subjective implied to take care of them. I don't know if it's a nice wishing thing or true, but a very good poem. Nothing one might have the urge to tell unless it rhymes.
ThanKs for taking care of her. Nice work.
Magnificent. I thought it was beautiful and it really made me stop and think
Mr westlake, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. It has actually brought a tear to my eye.
Lovely poem dealing with highest kind of love. Great rhyming.
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