133. There Was A Girl With A Broken Heart

There was a girl with a broken heart
her confidence had been torn apart
so in time she felt she'd lost her soul
and in her life was one big hole

And then one day she met a man
and things with him did not go to plan
she offered her love and life that he might stay
but instead he just turned and walked away

Left her to drown in a sea of her own denial
from then on everything seemed to be a trial
every day she screamed and cried
every night she prayed that she might die

Then one day I found her pleading
on her knees in an alley with her arms bleeding
she'd cut herself on both her wrists
but suddenly her life took a better twist

I helped her up and took her in my arms
promised that I'd keep her safe from harm
said I would help her smile and laugh
and so set her future on a much lighter path

So I took her life and rebuilt it anew
and so in time her confidence grew
she relearned how to love and how to care
knowing that for her I'd always be there

Then one day she found another
who asked her out and became her lover
they married in style the following year
now she has no need to fear

She had a shattered life and broken soul
now her husband's love has filled that hole
when last we met she said she'd never forget me
she'd remember forever the one who set her free

by Jaden Knight

Comments (21)

This is a relevant and meaningful poem, and I've known a number of people who have had problems like this but never found somebody like the poet subjective implied to take care of them. I don't know if it's a nice wishing thing or true, but a very good poem. Nothing one might have the urge to tell unless it rhymes.
ThanKs for taking care of her. Nice work.
Magnificent. I thought it was beautiful and it really made me stop and think
Mr westlake, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. It has actually brought a tear to my eye.
Lovely poem dealing with highest kind of love. Great rhyming.
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