Poem By Chris Todd, Jr.

In this hostile land, bullets fall like rain; there’s no love lost in a hale of gunfire. Like a delicate fire, we’re all withering away, as life is burnt to ashes, life returns to its most primitive state. In this world of darkness, there are no lights to lead the way; just the blind leading the blind to an inevitable slaughter. The blood of hero’s is long forgot, twisted and turned, reality sets in. The gears of war are turning, crushing man and machine; dreams are but a memory, we’re all here to die. Firmly in its grips, I can feel it all slipping away, everyday I die a little more. I can’t stand to see my life torn up anymore; my heart torn and tattered, shredded and frayed, the loose ends lead down an empty path. Burdened by sorrow, wishing it wasn’t real; it was all a lie, how deceived I was. Tormented from within, the fog is clouding me, but I could never let you go, even if for the best, I could never see it that way.

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What Do You Say?

What do you say,
To the man,
Who has lost it all,
What do you say,


I look in the mirror,
And I can’t believe,
It’s me that I see,
It wasn’t supposed,


Ignorantly watching,
His youth passes him by,
With little rhyme or reason,
Memories never there,


I smile as I wipe the blood from my sword,
Another victim,
Another vendetta finished,
The cries of agony,