MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

141 Words In Honours Of My Boss


Ycleped greeted, doubly did the awe sprightly unfold this minds of mystery

Unmanned intelligence wrapped in attentive ears to listen to unequivocal meanderings

Splitter sprig where folly castled a doubt on action,

Unruffled rounds of greasy pearls pearled wounded tiles as comrades boisterous brawls

Fettered not by usurping lies laid as mask on muddy minds.


Emblem express exhalation healed, when tainted by cronies cranks

Nettled flowery voice emasculate boils and venting vials of carbuncles

Enveloping grief with kindness in words in deeds in looks in love with feelings so real and more

Be this a father, I must love him so and learn as I do; never found a love like his amongst his peers

Incisor piecing discouragement where blinded brother fellow galls in gallop gourds

Dedicated to Mr. Yusuf Enebi

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