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(.................14sept5) The Unities
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(.................14sept5) The Unities

Something deep inside us
demands the unities.

I've found a grotto, winding back
behind a public park,
mossgrown sidewalk curving
along an ivy-covered, wooded creek.

For all I know,
this could be virgin jungle.
My mind begins to quiet down,
to come in for a landing

until a plastic bag,
a strip of cellophane, and a section
of newspaper, strewn along a hollow

slam me back.
They don't belong,
they don't belong!

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Comments (2)

Very skillfully executed poem there. Superlative message and smoothly crafted, to boot. Good work.
Hell, I can relate to this. Actually my blood is boiling just thinking about it, litter getting strewn about in quiet, be-yourself, serene places. You however put it calmly and engagingly. Maybe that is the trick... you put it quietly, the reader has his or her own emotions. And he or she can't fail to have his or her own emotions. t x