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It's been a long road to where we are now
been a lot of bad choices we survived somehow
lookin down the road and what do I see
your pretty face smiling back at me
You help me breathe and you make me pause
you make me feel like I'm not a lost cause
You make me smile and you make me laugh
you make me feel like today's not my last
You give me hope that my faith is not gone
remind to look to my Lord the Greatest of All
You could do better and this we all know
but you keep me around for more than just show
You talk me down when all I can do is gripe
you let me know that I'm still the guy
You make a difference where ever you are
you bring the Joy like some kind of RockStar
It's the 14th and the day won't last
but this ride we are on won't quickly pass
When it's all done and it's the last time around
we'll hold on to that smile that we first found

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