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15 Minutes

If I could have over just 15 Minutes
Which 15 minutes would I want back?
That 15 Minutes of passion
when I was making love not really enjoying it.

That 15 minutes before I got Married that marriage that fell apart or the 15 minutes before I got hired, hired to that low paying stuck in a rut job.
ORthat 15 minutes to that institute of HIGHERlearning
Where I learnednothing that wouldhelp me through LIFE

If I could have 15 minutes over AGAIN I would somehow still be wishing I had another 15

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i'd use the 15 minutes 2 change a time, when i was doing something from my, 'do not do' list. that my 'do' list says don't ever do. good read this morning.
You had better stop wasting your time, springs to this no time for wasters! A very good thoughtful poem.Tai