(15) Wishing I Could See Your Face

Poem By Amanda Lukas

I haven't forgotten
that look in your eyes,
the way you cocked your head to the side when you laughed.
I can't let go of
that song you would sing
the way I would gleefully sit on your knee when you sang it.

I'll always remember
the games that we played,
your proud face the first time you saw me on stage.

Some may not know
your prescence filling any room,
but it still fills me in every moment of my every day.
You may be gone,
but, in me, you'll live forever.

Comments about (15) Wishing I Could See Your Face

This must be a father's day tribute, penned with warmth and love without too much sentimentality. I like this. love, Allie xxxx
A great expectation Amanda and this elegy would remain.

3,1 out of 5
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