Good Men Learn

Good boys learn in the other way,
Pulling the eyes of strangers that say.
Fortune still lives among us in this way,
Living well, forgiving others is too gay.

Good men travel huge distances,
Frightening the other half with care and annoyances;
Pleasing will define the race of sentinels,
Angels are those who live like admirals.

Too much created from nothing is like a person
In pure manner forever, like someone with invocation.
The righteous men of this world sigh and learn,
Turning swords to the soldiers, lessening them so as to govern.

by Naveed Akram

Comments (3)

An experince is described, nicely composed. Enjoyed.
Detail, so much detail is in this poem to read and to love. I so wish I could have read your poetry earlier, but I must continue.
i cried at this... and this is all i can write! ! ! Lubna