The Pylons

The secret of these hills was stone, and cottages
Of that stone made,
And crumbling roads
That turned on sudden hidden villages

Now over these small hills, they have built the concrete
That trails black wire
Pylons, those pillars
Bare like nude giant girls that have no secret.

The valley with its gilt and evening look
And the green chestnut
Of customary root,
Are mocked dry like the parched bed of a brook.

But far above and far as sight endures
Like whips of anger
With lightning's danger
There runs the quick perspective of the future.

This dwarfs our emerald country by its trek
So tall with prophecy
Dreaming of cities
Where often clouds shall lean their swan-white neck.

by Stephen Spender

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To be loved by a husband is natural...! A wife knows that he loves her! Yet when this love is pronounced loud, it is a joy and it turns into a living memory! Though your husband said this on waking up from a nightmare, it was a loud affirmation of his love.... A catchy write Queeny!
very dramatic dream, love is love in real, reel, or dream. every lines speaks your inner longings. i believe dreams are just our unfulfilled desires, or deep hidden fears or traumas or some unusual things lingers in our subconscious mind, dreams are just our dream, some we could remember some we couldn't, depends on the intensity, on the whole i really enjoyed, like to try like your poem, its an inspiration, may god bless you dear poet, keep rocking. thanks for the invitation, love you take care. keep sharing.
Is it real or a dream? We have not yet known the facts about dreams.Why we dream? There are many theories behind dreams.Perhaps you both were under some fear of separation that triggered such a dream.Your bonding is too deep and so mental vibrations might have effected such a dream. But you found your love back Lovely poem Queeny, thanks for sharing.
In every line your turn of thought rings true. As Buddy Bee Anthony noted in his comment on your poem BORDERS, there is a beating heart writing. That is especially true in this narration of two dovetailing nightmares experienced by you and your husband. You both emerge from your nightmares of separation at the same moment, when you find that you are lying next to each other after all. This is an eloquent testimony to how your inner lives are interwoven.
First off, I enjoy seeing you exploring further new realms in poetry. Personally, I never tried this form, so before I even started analysing it, I had to see how this concept works. You managed to create some images and generate feelings that are arranged just like puzzle pieces, and in the end they all seem to fall in the right terms that the true meaning of the poem is revealed. I have to say that it worked brilliantly for you. I'm rating it a 10!
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