(13/08 / hyderabad, A.P, India.)

16 Dec '14 (Aps)

16 dec '14 lovely lovely morning.
winter morning. breezing morning.

children woke up to go to school.. their last day.
132 students, their last day.

in morning, mother preparing meal, last meal.
in evening, mother holding their children dead body.

worst feel
No, no time can't heel.

their school, gate way to dreams.
which turn into gate way to grave.

early morning,
students was preparing for exam.
some, playing,
some, chit chat
some, in cafeteria
some were auditorium with teachers,
their holy preachers.

then shouting, banging & screaming.
students were shocked, horrified & terrified.

when they saw attackers
with machine guns, bombs with what not.

they attacked them (students)
students were shot, wounded & bleeding.
their screamed, yelled
all was in vain, in vain, in vain.

students were in trepidation,
hoping to find some where in less tension.

alas! ! the shooting finished.

the attackers died,
which was 7 members,

who killed 132 students,20 staff members,180 wounded.

all gone, all gone within a hour,
but memories Hunt us, for life long.
memories haunt us, for life long.

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