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(16) When He Sleeps
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(16) When He Sleeps

Poem By Amanda Lukas

I see his sleeping eyes in the moonlight.
He is beauty in his sleep.
I know he'll awaken and hate me;
I've gotten in too deep.
I watch him in his slumber, when
our love is pure and sweet.
I know he'll wake to tell me lies
yet, I cannot bare to leave.
I'm watching over him while he sleeps
wondering of what he dreams.
In the morning, he'll wake me with threats on my life,
but he loves me when he sleeps.

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Comments (6)

How sad... I know someone like this, too. You've captured perfectly the spirit here, Amanda. Very well done. Love, CJ
You have a done a great work in this.. no anger or despair are expressed, sadness is expressed gently, you don't blame him either.. I'm impressed from your calmness and your satisfaction that at least he loves you when he sleeps. Keep writing! HBH
Oh, so poignant and brilliantly written. Your insight is amazing. Never stop writing! Warm regards, Seán
yes, indeed, even the worst man seems vulnerable and sweet in his sleep... great poem, amanda....I wish you all the happiness in the world..