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(....................16sept) My Argument With Grammar
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(....................16sept) My Argument With Grammar

Poem By Max Reif

Nature's conjunctions are invisible,
everything's conjoined, and language
only a dimwitted mimic
running behind.

Adjectives, adverbs stroll
down the street not modifying,
but glued into the very atoms of nouns,

and nouns themselves
are verbs, of course,
for everything passes.

Where is the prepositional phrase,
'in the room? ' I don't see it
hanging around the neck
of the man standing over there.

Is there a complete sentence
anywhere in vivo?
Maybe, but then only one!

Can anything be misspelled there?

I come up
from my notebook frustrated.
The grammar of Existence
can't be caged.

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Comments (7)

The power of words may be limited, no sentene can render all the thoughts, overtones and implications, yet poets love playing with words and see what they come up with :)) Excellent. Top mark.
And don't even get this man started on those dangling participles, that dastardly inflexible inflexion, the silliness over syllogism or how figurative language figures into the intangible equation. Post hoc ergo propter hoc...ad nauseum. A highly imaginative, truly original piece to ponder, Max. Brilliant! Greg
Ah, my friend, you have a deeper understanding of things - nature, mankind, the connections - than you sometimes give away in your poems. This one hints at it; and is original and downright funny. I started a poem about language over a year ago; it is sitting - passive voice - unfinished due to the same frustration with the very words we can't get enough of. Hope to see you in the coming weeks. Take care, Lori
Life indeed is a paragraph of words with imperfect grammars, yet living in consonance with happiness such grammatical errors can become lessons to learn. Great thought, top mark.
I loved this! ! Clever and thoroughly satisfying!