DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

17.46 - A Time Out Of Time


Tornado! Windmills rush in dirt spin,
Whirlwind songs for angels to sing.
I await, besides my friend of burning sand
Rolling skin another sin together
Mixing up concoctions for the night.
Elixirs for the soul.

Here, still and calm
I know the storm
Slow stream they gather
Upon the horizon and I am ready
Promising to myself never to be scared
When offered the key to the kingdom of shades.
The smell of the city is in our skin
My hair declares the desire for water
Yet I know that tomorrow is the day of my cleansing
Tonight I am red dirt, naked angel making marks
Flirting with the devil in my heart.


Strange waves of emotion are moving over my whole,
My soul is shaking and voices once unheard
Now screaming for attention,
The music flows and I am more, more in shapes and sound.
The rhythm of the heartbeat moving in time with my own
And the talisman is complete;
love then sweet serenity.

I feel my face, my body out of place
still Above the echoes and the screams
of all that lay unknown within these dark dimensions
I hear the voice of my heart,
keeping my peace and releasing me
from the thoughts of blue and sinking.

For forever I am thinking,
Taking in vibrations,
the colours, the light that surrounds
and embracing the darkness that moves below

I can feel my gaze shift; reality
Yet still I can write and think
at least think that i am thinking
and look and know a familiar smile
my family there hung in galleries of my mind.

Strange things have happened this night,
Yet ever as we are changing
We are deranging from the moment of our birth
Growing towards decay only to start the cycle anew
Yet there are no cynical motives here
For the cycle is to be embraced
Just as is the drum beat
Enticing us into tribal motions
Chanting as we are entrancing
Ourselves with words beyond
The meaning of the day realm.

To a friend today I handed
One hundred years of solitude
This I offered as a gift
To open his heart
To herald the soul of the world
He is a writer, a poet,
Manifestation all that we may dream of.

If you want to know I’ll show you
I’ll show you what it takes to embrace
All creation beyond a morbid wish for death.
As I handed him solitude in a world
Far from his own we quested upon
The subject of Choice in death,
We questioned the subject of life reborn
We breathed fresh breath anew Upon this plain,
This very plain.

If we had the choice
to know the afterlife
as we would Wish it
would we choose to be reborn
or to drift in a cloudy cotton
forgotten drifting candy heavens?

What then?
What now?


Come ride with me another realm
Forever lost this frozen fantasy
We can love and love it all
We can rise and we can fall
We are as rocks We are as sand
We are the land and the land is us
Lost inside of us breathing.


I have talked to voices old and new
Whilst jaws and glares locked tight
In a grip that if the winds would change
Would leave a face only a mother could love.
A kiss for bliss and wish for dreams
A dream of bliss above.


Many hours have been lost to obscurity,
Ever so strange the twilight shades
Ever so deranged and more so by the second
A thousand worlds are one before my eyes
As I twist and turn within my seat.

Time to sleep.

Who knows what dreams they may yet be forgotten.

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