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17 Freedom

They thought the moon needed cloudwings to fly but the next night they
saw her soar alone in the sky.
Herr heron no longer the freed herring hearing
Watching raindropp beads spark seeds into weeds..
was his creed.. and not what any other had decreed
One said that marriage is a tree.. do not break its boughs
Another said: as a river flows beyond banks, the past's vows.. to the
present bow..

Spring melts snowflakes. Joy pops balloons. Roots burst
the vase. Love breaks the cage.
Dracula was free to think God's gladiolas gaudy.. and to dislike
the morning luster.. of a seabubble cluster.
Some like earthworms eat dirt and die.
Others like caterpillars become butterflies.
Bell tongs chime... bird flight time
If there were left 1 sheet
of Shakespeare's original words
Picasso would it erase that he could ink the space.
Those who ordained that a fork goes to plateleft
are the ones who use it as a fleshspear. Their rules bind
A Dragonfly on daffodil alights.. having donned a more dazzling dress
as well as the gift of flight

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amazing poem, very good, it brings nature to life