OAN ( / US)

18 Acts

When trees are
killed by chain saw
bulldozer or ax
these are not good
but attacks


18 of the ways daily weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines harm animals birds and plants

1. advertising 'livestock'... animals put on the auction
block in newsprint
2. In some antedeluvian cases such as the NY Times
over 150 years of advertising the bloody skins of animals
called fur
3. ads for grocery meats, fish, dairy
4. Intrinisically, since newspapers are made on the
cadavers of dead trees, they destroy animal habitat,
claiming they reforest when a 200 year old tree is
replaced by a tiny sapling.
5. When trees are cut down, animals are smashed
and flightless baby birds killed.
6. ads for rodeos, circuses, .
7. The 'outdoor' editors promote the stalking of animals
in the woods called hunting, the suffocation of sentient
fishes called 'fishing' (the verb fishing derived from the act of killing
fish (noun))
8. 'Science' editors promote vivisection or research on
animals and vivisection derived lethal pharmaceuticals.
9 'Religion' editors write of ox roasts at churches
claiming to worship the vegetarian Jesus.
10. Most metropolitan dailies in the US large cities
are neocon controlled and censor peace news, shilling
war news with its consequent bombing of animals,
use of dogs as minesniffers etc.
11. Food editors print recipes promoting animal and fish flesh,
factory farmed eggs etc.
12. Restaurant reviewers give free commercials for
corpse-serving eateries.
13. Newsprint is not broken down in landfills because
it is not aerated.
14. Newsprint leaches into streams harming fishes, birds,
humans etc.
15. Newsprint factories leach carcinogens into the waters.
16. More trees are cut down to expand landfills
17. Book editors feature books not published on recycled paper
18. ads for
insecticides, avicides, traps and
other barbarities directed at animals
Newspapers can be made from rags. Cotton
and other fiber content lasts several hundred years
while newsprint lasts a few decades. Goodwill,
Salvation Army and others who sell rags to
China could sell them instead to newspapers.

When animal rights and environment groups advertise
in newspapers, they add to killing of animals birds and trees.

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I do agree with it and offered my vote 10.
shows the cruelty by men with nature & animal world. fine poem.
No one likes a bad comment, (and I'll not flame) but I didn't quite like it. I read it through, and didn't like it. Perhaps I'll like one of your other poems.Though, now, I wish I could ease the pain you feel of dying forests...Alabama is full of them! We'll never run out of trees, so if you ever feel lonely for trees, come on down!
This poem is a very significant contribution. 10/10
Go! ! ! O Anna......... an eye opener. Environmental consciousness piece, we all need that...Few only realize the worth of preserving and caring about nature........10+ Cate