Poem Hunter
(18) - Aftermath
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

(18) - Aftermath

He falls to his knees,

She stands in the corner,
Torn in two again.
Emotion- human.
Dead- Changed.
Her father is gone, yet in her,
His hunger remains.
The scent of blood in the air,
She looks at Nemesis,
Crouched wearily on the floor.
-Hunger screams at the intoxicating smell
Of his blood.-
She fights.
Easy, to drink him now.
The voice of her father:
“You must change him.”
She looks on him,

She moves to his side.
To her, the bloodscent calls.
It screams for her attention.
It tempts her,
Seduces her.

Kneeling, she takes his arm.
The fresh bite marks swim in blood.
Her head bows,
Her lips touch his skin.
-Cold, the kiss of the waking dead.-
She pulls away,
Red staining her face.
The hunger howls within her.
-So close-
She fights, inwardly.
A shudder forces its way through her body.

The Hunter looks at her,
Into her dim eyes.
She returns his gaze.
-Love, in that gaze.-
Redeeming love.
The hunger dies.
It does not fade-
It dies.
She slumps to the floor.
He leaps to his feet to catch her.

Life returns to her, in a flash.
Warmth to her skin,
Glow to her eyes.
She no longer walks in the darkness:
She has been changed, again.
She lives.

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