Good Luck To Mr And Mrs Grollo

Money can buy you almost anything it can even buy you time
Bruno Grollo the billionaire Melbourne builder and his wife both well past their prime
Are in China receiving anti ageing stem cell treatment in their quest for a second youth
Those who deny that money is not important are only denying the truth.

Forty thousand dollars for the treatment 'tis said the Grollos have to pay
But to billionaires that doesn't seem much or so 'twould seem that way
For to live a few years longer beyond their use by date
The reaper for the Grollos 'twould seem will have to wait.

We know that money cannot buy people an eternal life
Though it may buy energy and improved health to Bruno Grollo and his wife
The dream of many a woman as well as many a man
Is to be wealthy and healthy and live for as long as one can.

Good luck to Mr and Mrs Grollo is all that I can say
I wish them a long and a happy life since for that they are prepared to pay
Money can buy you almost anything but death will come to us all
And like the great tree of the forest to the reaper we must fall

by Francis Duggan

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