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187.Shechinah Of The Husband
RH (21.04.1962 / Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu-India)

187.Shechinah Of The Husband

Poem By rajagopal haran

(Poem is about males leaving their wives who become older and become less attractive in due course)

Sea horses lick the dead fish
Satisfied with the deceit
Lotus leaves in the proximity
Never bother to attract them

Hey my consort
Mother of my golden son
The gems of the jewels worn by you
Glitter more with your pearl teeth shine

Comprehension not an issue
You’re calling me, mother of your son
Not an insult, it’s a fact indeed
You hard-core cheat and a blister liar!

Ye forgot thy wife
Buried in that woman
Buffaloes stir the pond so clear
Better stay in your burrow forever!


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