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(19) - Reunion
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

(19) - Reunion

She awakes,
Like one coming to the surface,
Gasping for air.
Her eyes flutter open.
He is there, holding her.
-Nemesis, a voice within her whispers.
But no: he is Nemesis no longer.-
She forces that tiny voice away,
Looks at her rescuer.
They hold each other, in the darkness,
Together again at last.

The night rushes in, dark and cold.
She remembers her eternity,
Waking dead.
Tears spring to her eyes.
He wipes them away,
Whispers into her ear:
“Do not think of them.
They are past,
They have no grip, anymore.
Forget them.”

Sobs wrack her body.
Through the tears, she speaks:
“I wanted to drink you.

He shakes his head.
“Forget your past desires:
I have.”

She smiles, tearfully,
And holds him,
In the silence,
Reunited with her redeemer.

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Ahh, so beautiful...very good!