191 Wandering Words And A Missing Fetus

The wind was blowing choreographies of vertiginous waves the air was impregnated with acid teardrops of tragedy we were over and you were shouting nonsense about our end

Let's rehearse once again I don't think we got it right let's re-record this scene you're not saying your lines properly come here I'll teach you how to say I love you

Our house was trembling in discordant fear we were babies curled inside a vacant nest you wrapped me in twenty dresses that keep me naked and cold reminiscent endometrium dissolved inside my womb

Let's edit all the messy parts I'll leave out the placenta glued to my walls for three nights sounds of cartilages finding their way into the sand more blood bombs exploding fragmented bodies on TV

What a magnificent spectacle this must be from above do you think we could buy a new god this doesn't seem to be working anymore

Some fools still believe in peace don't they make you laugh then don't I'll teach you how to say I love you I love you with the right intonation I love you with you legs furled around mine.

by Helena Dorsey

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