1924: A Love Story

The day you walked in
Stood on my door
You were nineteen
I was twenty four.
A look at your face
Weakened my knees
In your sweet fairness
I experienced bliss.
Throbbed hard my heart
My body felt so light
That spelt the start
Of my love at first sight!
The day you walked in
There wasn't anymore
Happiness for nineteen
Peace for twenty four.

by Pradip Chattopadhyay

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Comments (18)

Love at first sight, beautiful expression of a life event.
This is very good poem thank you
Wow! I mean it's just very cute.. I invite you to visit my page.. Thank you
Clever and beautiful. Thank you Peace
A beautiful poem, from the deceptive title I supposed it started in 1924. Reading the poem I came to know it was an affair of 24 and 19. In my case it's 1621.
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