The day you went to the army
You left me lonely and blue
I didn't know where to go,
Or even know what to do
Then a letter came telling me to visit
Scott Field, Illinois
So I packed my bags and off I went to see
my soldier boy.
After seeing you and St. Louis
It made me very happy and gay
But then leaving you, and going back N.Y.
Made me feel sadder in every way
Weeks went by and then news came
You were coming on a furlough to N.Y.
How happy I was to see you
We laughed, had fun and talked,
The ten days flew by so fast and back to camp
you went.
Leaving me memories of the pleasant hours
we spent
1000 miles separate us now
But I'm thinking of you day by day
Hoping, wishing and praying
That God will send you back to me
To my Sweetheart in the Army

by Martha Victor Samuels

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