Oh my sweet Maryiam!
I am ready to share my love with you;
And like Pizza and Pasta,
For you are a lovely and a dedicate woman.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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..............such a tragedy....monsters disguise themselves as humans everyday ★
First read: Pile driver powerful. Makes one feel naked on a city-center corner. Thx.10/10.
An intense and gripping poem. Captivating!
Strange thing about this poem: The accused was probably innocent. He would certainly never be convicted today based on flimsy, circumstantial evidence. Absolutely nothing connected Burton Abbott to the notorious rape and murder of this young girl. Strange, that Sharon Olds doesn't seem to know the most rudimentary facts about the case.
This poem always, always gets to me. Heartbreaking. She's an inspiration - fearless. Terrifying and painful account.
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