I am going with it,
Nineteen hundred sixty.

Going and going
With you, O my dear, and
The entire world is watching us.

What for I do not know,
And you are telling me
Time and again to stop.

And I am going and going,
Not to reach anywhere
But to go and go
Without any ending.

Nineteen hundred sixty
And I am going with it.

by Gajanan Mishra

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A poet dies just like other ordinary persons BUT he becomes immortal WITH his poems, because poems never die, they survive all things and become immortal. Excellent Poem, I so admire. Thank you for sharing.
I read a few poems, but my attention was again drawn to this one. As Frost said 'I have miles to go before I sleep'.
A novel birthday poem coming from a unique pen, abd agree, going on is another name for life.
to nature flows its ever lasting cycles, a good poem from a great poets +++++
Gajanan, I believe that your birth poem will propel you into many great futures. A multitude of birthdays! ! ! ! ! !
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