Late Night Thoughts

Oh They could be as cool as a long awaited kiss to the neck
Even more, as dazzling as bubbles in the air
And new borns frolicking on water bed

The glimmers of hope, if I must say
You see, if hit by this in a dream
Anyone is gonna wake up and prau
Not for nightmare
but for a gentle fall into a baby train
Smooth as an evening ride
And as fine as the beam of white light

Horses of success must be speeding out at dark
flicking shit of brilliance on human heads
If this not be true, then a cliam to the source of that
which is conceived is to subject to many persons talk
Hovering in circles till horses are applauded

by vino aina

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Hey there, Ravinder you've been inside the sewers too long. You smell now. It was not I who, through haikus made you sick, sir it is your liver. You need curcumin blown into the rear passage you may look better.
I read today some Haiku By Herbert Nehrlich It hardly gave me pleasure But rather left me sick Haiku is like raw meat Served and called cuisine Not for people with some sense Relished by the insane
~snicker~ Funny write :) KK
Nice to open my computer and read this! Lucky man to see such blossoming bosoms! Linda
Oh dear, should we call a doctor? :) Funny poem, Herbert! Raynette
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