A Brook In The City

The farmhouse lingers, though averse to square
With the new city street it has to wear
A number in. But what about the brook
That held the house as in an elbow-crook?
I ask as one who knew the brook, its strength
And impulse, having dipped a finger length
And made it leap my knuckle, having tossed
A flower to try its currents where they crossed.
The meadow grass could be cemented down
From growing under pavements of a town;
The apple trees be sent to hearth-stone flame.
Is water wood to serve a brook the same?
How else dispose of an immortal force
No longer needed? Staunch it at its source
With cinder loads dumped down? The brook was thrown
Deep in a sewer dungeon under stone
In fetid darkness still to live and run --
And all for nothing it had ever done
Except forget to go in fear perhaps.
No one would know except for ancient maps
That such a brook ran water. But I wonder
If from its being kept forever under,
The thoughts may not have risen that so keep
This new-built city from both work and sleep.

by Robert Frost

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I've had a few looks at all this. Those were the days! Love The Beach Boys, Don Revie's Leeds United.1974 was ace: Leeds Champions and Man U relegated. Tomorrow I might get bonto your second poem! Only joking. Good stuff. Paul.
Well-written, very interesting monologue. The part about Maureen hurt a bit, just the whole idea sounds so painful, losing your virginity and never going out again. But heaven knows, losing my virginity was a painful, clumsy experience. So your description evoked a few memories. Peace, L&T
this is a great introspective/retrospective, commands attention and very informative. I'll read Mr. Harris's piece, and maybe i'll be inspired to do '1979' Oh, wait, has that been done (Smashing Pumpkins?)
In 1966 David I was working in a record distributing co. where I would ship phonograph records all over my State. That's where I kept up with all the groups, and everybody who put out records back then, I knew about.although I like all the artist of that day I was mainly a Johnny Cash fan back then. He helped me break away from the reality of the times. those were some troubling times, and not only because of the war in Vietnam. 'Again I thank you for your kind comments'
A finer homage I've yet to read. But it's only 2007, there's a lot more to come. Good writing David, very good.
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