SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)

Remember Me When I Grow Old

I’ll always treasure our Friendship,
Cause it means so much to me,
I’ll keep it forever,
even in my heart for eternity.

Only if you will always remember me
when I grow Old,
Please don’t forget the value of our
Friendship To forever hold.

For I don’t ask for much
Just one that will always stick with me
Side by side,
Even under any circumstances
That may seem like the toughest tide.

To share with me the laughter’s and the disasters,
To still remember me when others come in your life,
Even when you start a new Family and
Become somebody’s wife.

Yes precious to me like more gold,
Our Friendship to me it will be,
If you never forget me when I grow Old.

For we can learn together
to live our life for the better,
Even learn to help each other.

Yes Friendship come and go,
But more often they leave in my life,
A true Friend I look for with much strife.

So Please remember me when I grow Old,
For the value of our Friendship
I’ll forever hold!

(Dedicated to A Dear Friend)

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I love this poem, and it reminds me of yesteryear, without a fear, how we all went both far and near....and did not realize that...'we shall never pass this way again...' Excellent words and thought....thank you!
The swinging sixties. What a time to be in. We had scandals and corruption. Unjust wars and drugs. But we also had Mary Quant, the Beatles, Bob Dylan etc. and enough gorgeous little dolly birds in mini skirts and aspects of free love to make it all worth while. Times will never be the same again,
And indeed it never has been that way again great poem
Holy smoke. I just posted a comment on this poem then scrolled down and thete wad a very real feeling of deja voi.
To quote some piker I once read it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
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