1st: North Carolina Barn-Living Notebook …[ About My Temporary Living Condition ]

Near two weeks it took to drive 3000 miles..
to stay in a barn with sheep, hens, & goats, NO smiles.
In the Appalachian ‘hills' of Marshall North Carolina ….
we're settled, ….on the opposite side of Earth from China.

by Bri Edwards Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

I love these very entertaining poems Bri and very well written. Thank you Bri for sharing
Funny how one person's castle is another person's definition of UGH! ! ! ! I'm glad it was only temporary, living rough is definitely not for everyone! ! I agree with Valsa's comment about the goats!
You have a big heart not to put the goats into trouble....! The addendum I enjoyed even more! Despite all precautions, you got bitten by a tick about the size of a small gorilla....! Enjoyed this 'absurd' poem, in the typical Bri style! A sure 10 for entertaining us!
This barn turned dwelling seems so tempting! The stay there I am sure is equally exciting and adventurous with goats and hens. But the toilet facility seems intimidating! However I am happy you are ready to compromise with the minimum facility rather than dirty the weeds -the fodder of goats.
Funny but Bri's observation power is proved...When he describes something or someone and some places he gives his detailed eyes as he keeps his eyes always peeled.
What an adventure! ! ! Sounds fun! ! ! !