KSK (2/16/50 / Las Vegas, Nevada - When there was only one saloon in town!)

(2.32) Secret Police (Afghanistan)

He was arrested when he protested...
They took his home anyway
His wife objected when they elected
To take her husband away

But her disputing led to her shooting
In front of her three daughters
With no protection, her execution
Was nothing more than slaughter

Losing their father, losing their mother
And left alone with strangers...
They were in good hands, these three young virgins,
And doubtless safe from danger...

Fortunate to land in the gentle hands
Of aspiring young surgeons...*
And Obstetricians... whose sole direction
For these fearful young virgins

Was do what they must without any fuss
While their parents were away
With no chance to hide, they’d watched Mama die
As her killers came to stay

They stayed a few days while having their way
With these pretty young daughters
Leaving memories that are cruelly
Punctuated with laughter

Obeying commands, helpless in their hands,
Rememb’ring Mama dying
They can’t even say what happened those days...
They just can’t stop their crying...

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9/16/2007 - 12: 05 AM I just finished watching CNN's special program, 'Lifting the Veil, ' with Sharmeen Oboid-Chinoy as she travelled through Afghanistan, reporting on the changes (or not!) in the lives of Afghan women since the American invasion. Women still wear bourkhas and beg in the street where they are ridiculed by the men who pass by. Many of them are war widows who have lost their husbands and sons to the guns, bombs and missiles of the various combatants who have fought over Afghan soil in recent decades. It was said that there are over a Million widows in Afghanistan! There is little or no respect for them, though and conditions are bad enough for them that even many married women and girls consider suicide as a very real option... Many of them are desperate enough to douse themselves with kerosene and attempt to burn themselves to death! Health care for women is still such that they quoted a UNICEF report as saying that FIFTY pregnant women die each day in Afghanistan! If you have an opportunity to see either of these programs, know that parts of them are graphic, but they are well woth seeing! >^.Karl